Why interview just one candidate?

The NQT Collaborative Interview Event

Every few months we host an 'interview event'. Generally the event ties in with the various resignation deadline dates throughout the year so that schools have a good understanding of what their recruitment needs are or will be. We invite a number of schools and candidates to the day to give both parties the best chance of securing a position. Having worked on these event many times over the years, we can honestly say that the success rate is extremely high and it really does make the entire process so much easier and most importantly 'time effective'.

The event is usually held within larger cities or towns so that relocating candidates have easier access. The events are always completely free to attend with tea, coffee and lunch provided. As a minimum, we would expect at least ten candidates and five schools to attend these events but the numbers tend to be much higher. Depending on numbers, informal interviews tend to last no more than twenty minutes with many candidates securing formal interviews at the various attending schools and some have been known to receive job offers on the day itself!

When's the next event?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic our interview event for May is on hold! However, we are arranging all interviews via ZOOM. This entails interviewing and presenting your lesson to a panel from the School. This has proven to be very successful so far, with many of our NQT's securing their permanent post through virtual means!